Get to know our Bookmarklet

and don’t worry with installation and permissions!

This is an installation and starting module which is able to spare you all the complex steps required so far. All you have to do is to drag and drop the new bluePen bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar which is available on our website. You only need to do this once and you can use this button on all of your website. You only need to visit the page you want to style and click the bluePen Bookmarklet. It will then open up bluePen Editor in a popup with the current snapshot of the page.

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These are the features of the bluePen Bookmarklet module:

Easy to install

Just drag and drop the bluePen Bookmarklet to your bookmarks and you're ready to go.

One click starting

Only one click on the bookmarklet and bluePen opens up a popup window and loads bluePen automatically.

Automatic permission handling

It's simple. If you want to save your modifications just login and hit the save button if you also have the FTP module, or download the modified file.

Clean editing

When opening up a new window, a complete snapshot is created from your website's HTML and CSS code. All other scripts are filtered out allowing you to edit seamlessly.


If you have a question relating to the bookmarklet module, contact us here: