Discover our Intelligent Saving System

and experience how easy website styling will become and just save to make it permanent!

The Intelligent saving system is a module of bluePen Editor. This is an automated saving system so if you make any changes with bluePen, you are able to save those in the right place no matter how difficult the file system is. You don’t even have to know what files there are, which selectors were modified, where you should put the code or what this sentence means :)
The system can handle websites with multiple stylesheets, @import and @media rules and supports every major framework, such as Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress...

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These are the features of the Intelligent Saving System:


It's compatible with almost all of the currently existing stylesheets. So there is a high chance you can modify your current stylesheets with bluePen.

@import and @media support

Modern websites are frequently using these techniques to load external stylesheets or to define unique styles for different devices and resolutions.

Clean saving footprint

When saving, bluePen modifies only that part of the stylesheet which is absolutely necessary. All the other code formatting and comments are staying intact.

Distant update using FTP

All the changes you make are stored temporarily on our server and are synchronised with your server using FTP connection.


If you have a question relating to the Saving System, contact us here: